Mark Moody, Ph.D. of Activate presented “Nanomedicine Formulations for TLR Agonist Drug Combinations” at the March 22-24 STING&TLR-Targeting Therapies conference.

Nanomedicine Formulations for TLR Agonist Drug Combinations

  • Activate’s lipogel nanoparticles (LgNPs) can co-package combinations of TLR agonists and immune-oncology drugs to provide sustained delivery of these drugs to the tumor while reducing systemic exposure and associated toxicity
  • These LgNPs are phagocytized by macrophages and dendritic cells – delivering TLR agonists to the endosome where TLR targets reside
  • TLR-based combination therapies have been shown to be more effective than monotherapies, and Activate’s LgNP based therapies have the potential to improve patient outcomes